A retaining wall must be properly engineered … there are no shortcuts or half measures. The wall id required to do a serious job with varying pressures throughout the year/s.

Whether it be for a home, walkway, river area, park or commercial/industrial location, it is imperative that your retaining wall is properly engineered so as to enable it to continue to fulfil its purpose.

There are quite a few different types of retaining walls and here is a bit of information that may be helpful to you when deciding which is the right option for you.

  • Gravity Wall

    Resisting the pressure from behind itself with the use of substantial materials like stone, rocks or segmented concrete units

  • Cantilevered Wall

    This option will contain an internal stem that may be reinforced steel, cast in place with concrete or mortared masonry that connects to a large structural footing.

  • Sheet Pile Wall

    Made from steel, vinyl or wood planks that are driven into the ground at a measured level depending on the required tasks and the environment.

  • Anchored Wall

    The additional strength of an anchored wall comes from boring into the ground and using pressurised concrete that expands into a bulb shape beneath the soil. Cables will then connect these anchors to the wall’s material structure above the surface.