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NL CONTRACTORS offers you a comprehensive range of fencing, gates, boardwalks, bridges, retaining walls and related services all in a one stop call. Having more than forty years of experience in the fencing and civil contracting industry, business owner Nick Liefting is a recognised fencing instructor and has ensured his own team are the best they can be at their given tasks. NL Contractors provide a fast, reliable service resulting in a quality product at an economical cost. We welcome any enquiry you may have regardless of how small or what it is about and Nick will take your call personally on 0274 941 846



Large variety of fence styles, materials and sizes - from a few metres to a few hundred metres


Retaining Walls

It is imperative that your retaining wall is properly engineered so as to enable it to continue to fulfil its purpose


Rock Walls

Walls of beauty that will always withstand the test of time and only look better with age



A bridge over a garden pond or access over a stream or dam any length, any width

About Us

World's Fastest Fencer

World's Fastest Fencer

Nick Liefting has been fencing for over 40yrs and after winning multiple competitions both here and overseas, he has been awarded as the Worlds Fastest and Most Enduring Fencer. Nick is a recognised fencing instructor running many fencing schools and as such, he has often been called upon for trouble shooting issues by several councils and government bodies.


Extensive Service Area

Extensive Service Area

In addition to our local South Auckland region, our service area extends to the entire greater Auckland suburbs. Our service and maintenance vehicles are equipped to travel any distances and our material/product suppliers are based throughout the Auckland regions thus eliminating additional cartage fees. Click here and let us know where you are.

Range of Services

Range of Services

Offering from wooden fences to rock walls and gates to security fencing, we are fully capable of completing whatever project you may have. In addition to our fencing services, we also extend to civil contracting completing projects such as box culvert installations, roadside boardwalks with guard rails and balustrades, etc. Click on the image to see video or here at our services.

Mission Statement

Right from the establishment of our fencing business my aim has been to provide a level of service to our customers that I am proud of and moreover, a level of which the customers are completely satisfied with. Our history shows we have continually achieved that aim. NL Contractors move forward with progress and innovation whilst always remembering how crucial it is to get the job done right, on time, and on budget, all of which to the total satisfaction of our valued clients. This is our mission.

Nick Liefting

Down to Business

Frequent Questions

Do you offer pensioner discounts for fencing?

Yes we do. We believe that small improvements around your property add significant value and as such are happy to support pensioners in their quest to improve on their home.

What is the smallest job you will take on?

We are happy to accept projects from just a few metres to a few hundred metres. Or, in the case of repair or maintenance, we will attend to all job requests but in instances such as nailing back on a couple of fence boards, it may be more economical for you to get a friend or family member to do it for you.

Do you offer free quotes?

We are very happy to provide free quotes. Just make contact with us here and we will arrange a time to visit with you to discuss your requirements

Do I need a permit to build a fence or retaining wall?

For outdoor structures like fences, decks and retaining walls, the main reason you may require a consent if you're building over a certain height. If you're building below the height limit set in the Building Act, you won't require a building consent. However, the Act still requires you to make sure that all work complies with the Building Code. Generally, you will need consent for a retaining wall if it is over 1.5mtrs high or has a building or driveway near the top. Sometimes there is an exception to the rule in that even if you don't need a building consent, your structure may be affected by other rules in the district and regional plans. But there is no need for you to worry about that right now as we can advise you upon a site visit, or even sometimes over the phone. Call us, we can help you.

Do you offer any warranties on your work?

YES. All our work is built to a strict building code and we are happy to warrant same. Each task has a different requirement which makes it difficult to give definite detail in brief. However, the short answer is, Yes, we guarantee our products and workmanship. Once we know the detail of your work, we can give you clear details on what warranty will apply.

Do you have any insurance cover while working on my property?

Yes. We have complete cover for any accidents or damage that may occur which we are responsible for. This includes property and persons.

Who will be working on my project and what experience do they have?

Our team consists of well experienced tradesmen with each of them specialising in particular skills. Our business owner, Nick, will be the one who evaluates your project and he will appoint the team members who are the most proficient in your particular requirements. This enables the project to be completed in the shortest period of time with the best possible outcome. In most instances, Nick prefers to be on site the majority of time, but regardless of whether he is on the job full time or not, he will always be over-seeing the entire project as it progresses through to the end.

Do you specialise in all fence types and materials?

Yes. We specialise in all major fencing types including wooden, steel, post & rail, wire, boards, picket, electric  Colourbond and pool fencing. We also have completed many jobs which include retaining walls & lattice works which means that we can match our skills to your needs.

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